Our Ethos

We are personal

We treat you with respect and honesty.

We are professional

We treat you with only effective and evidence-based treatment options and solve your problem with the least amount of visits.

Our Difference

Always One-on-One

We work with you one-on-one 100% of our time together. This ensures that we provide you with a service at the highest level we commit to.

Our appointments are up to 45 minutes for the initial appointment, and up to 30 minutes for standard/follow-up appointments. This ensures that we have ample time to work effectively.

Evidence Based Treatment

We only provide effective and evidence based treatment that is worth your time and money.

We pride ourselves with expert manual therapy (hands-on) skills and in our ability to tailor individualised strength and/or flexibility drills.

We do not use machines and heat/cold packs to treat your problem. We do not believe this is worth your time and money.

Our Guarantee

We commit to the highest level of personal and professional service. If not, we will personally pay for you to seek another local physiotherapist’s opinion.