The process to a better you

***Please note, the lengthy content of this page is to provide you with as much information as we can. Alternatively, you may choose to believe us when we say that we are really good at what we do.

Give us a call

Contact us to make an appointment. We will organise a time that best suits you for our one-one-one physio session.

When you get here, let's talk

We need to listen to your unique problem in order to help you get back to where you need to be. What most people don't realise is that a good physiotherapist is able to make an accurate diagnosis just by listening and asking the right questions.

Let us run some tests

We have the expertise to confirm and negate all the possible causes for your problems through specific assessment techniques. This skillfully performed tests will narrow down the source of your problem.

Let's talk some more

In words that you understand, we will communicate to you what is really going on. You will know why you are experiencing your problem, what has caused it, and what we can do to solve it.

We'll do our part

We are experts in using the most effective and evidence-based 'hands-on' therapy techniques to restore your joints and muscles to their optimal status. We will also use our extensive high performances knowledge to prescribe and go through with you specifically designed strengthening and flexibility drills to fix the underlying source of your problem.

Please do yours

You are an integral part of the holistic recovery process. At the same time, we totally understand how time restrained you are. We will make sure to prescribe the most effective and time efficient 'home-work' for you to do.

Assess, re-assess, repeat

We are all about measuring your improvement in the form of an outcome measure. The outcome measure may be; your pain levels, the available range of movement through a joint, power of a movement in Newtons, or whatever needs to change in order for real signs of you getting better.

Time for discharge

Typically within 3-6 sessions with us, you will be ready to move on from seeing us, back to doing the things you enjoy. We will miss you for the better.

Move well. Move more

Over the course of your interaction with us, we will encourage you to be more active from your current activity level. Of course, this is based on the statistics that 70% of all Australian adults are sedentary. When you move well and move more, you will find your health improves significantly. Our main goal is to get you healthy, not just 'not in pain'.