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Overcome Your Recurrent Back Pain: Interactive Seminar

8th February 2018 @ Gordon Library Meeting Room 2 6:00PM

"Knowledge is Power" - Francis Bacon

If you haven't experienced back pain yet, you haven't lived long enough. For some, this is a one-off incident, for others, it's recurrent. Then, there are those who overcome recurrent back pain and those who, unfortunately, don't.

One of the critical ingredients to overcoming recurrent back pain is to be equipped with the right KNOWLEDGE about what you are faced with.

Having been equipped with the right knowledge, you will KNOW exactly what to do to correct the root of the problem at hand. This is where you will have the POWER to overcome that recurrent back pain you haven't been able to resolve in a long time.

Join your host, the director of Good Move Physio: Jonathan Ko as he unpacks the truth about how to overcome your recurrent back pain. Over the past ten years, he has helped many back pain sufferers return to living 'life' through simply equipping those who were misled through their recovery. Interact with Jonathan as he brings to the table how working with elite athletes have helped him develop a 'down-to-earth' and efficient way to overcoming back pain.

The registration numbers are limited as we are trying to make this as interactive as possible, so please book early.