Stress, work, sick family members, Sydney's traffic... talk about burden on your shoulders.

Seriously...when the life gets hard, it's pretty difficult to look after yourself.

And, it always seems to be at these difficult times, the little niggles in our bodies become progressively more annoying.

If this is you, and you have known postural issues to do with forward head posture, rounded shoulders or hunched back; it may help to use a posture brace for a very limited time.

In the long run, braces and other 'aides' do more harm by making us weak and dependent.

However, in the short-term, if we can use a tool in an intelligent manner, there's no reason why it shouldn't help us.

In this video, I explain how you can make a really simple and effective posture brace you can use immediately.

I often make these for the patients I see who require this sort of intervention.

I hope you find this video helpful.  


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