This video shows you one of the most effective ways to quickly resolve shoulder pain associated with lifting the arm up.

- Rotator Cuff Pathology
- Shoulder Joint Instability
- Shoulder Blade (Scapula) Pathology
- Biceps related shoulder problems

All of the above terms are commonly used by health professionals to diagnose your shoulder pain. All of the above problems require individualised rehabilitation program to address the 'cause' or the 'primary driver' of your problem.

However, one common trait of all these 'biomechanically-driven' dysfunctions of the shoulder is the pain associated with arm movement.

The quicker we can reduce the pain that is brought on by arm movement, the faster we can do the rehabilitation exercises that are going to fix the 'drivers' of your problem.

Clinically, working on the back part (posterior) of your shoulder region yields excellent results in reducing the pain associated with lifting up the arm.

This may be because lots of muscles attach around the area and applying pressure causes a temporary reduction in pain.

We won't go into the details of why there is a reduction in pain, except that it is by no means due to actual permanent soft tissue changes, but rather neuro-physiological (let's just say we are taking advantage of the brain for a short amount of time).

We recognize that these 'pain-hacks' are really helpful when used in conjunction with your solid rehabilitation program.