How often do you change around your exercise routine?

I'm not sure about the data of the whole wide world, but certainly, the population of those who I've treated in the clinic; the change doesn't occur much, if at all.

Most people stick to a routine they have stuck to for years. For example, one might do a 2-4 five kilometer jog per week. Others have a chest and biceps day on one day, followed by a back and triceps day and miss the leg and shoulder workouts all the other days (just kidding).

Let's zoom in a little here. When we train for a movement such as a squat, there's a tendency NOT to give much variation in what we do. Maybe, it has to do with us being humans on a deeper level, like wanting to be good at what we do. So, just doing the same thing and loading more weights might give us that 'hit' we are deeply desiring. 

When this repeated practice occurs without much variation, we begin to form habits. Because my work involves helping people out of dysfunctions, the only habits I see from people not including variety in movements are bad habits.

For the above long-winded reason, please include some variations in your workout routine and spice things up from time to time.

Please watch the video, enjoy the meat, and throw out the bones!


Image Credit: Muscle & Performance